Welcome to the official website of Super Cock Blockers, an action packed and innovative multiplayer game.

Super Cock Blockers mixes qualities from fighting, side scrolling beat em ups, and capture the flag game play. Also, cocks..

The object of the game is to score three points for your team. You must have sex with the opposing team's
leader (the only girl on either team) for a certain amount of time to score a point. Being the leader has
advantages and disadvantages; you may choose to be the leader of your team when a game has four players.
As a Male, pressing the Charge button next to a vulnerable girl will allow you to carry her to a safe spot to
capture a point.

All players have a Stamina Bar on the left-hand side of the screen. When you arrive, this bar will be half full. When it is empty, you are knocked out and are vulnerable while you recharge. When you recharge, you will wake up where you were knocked out. If you are your team's leader, you can be sexed at this time. Pressing and holding the Charge button will replenish your stamina at a standard rate. As a Male, charging while close to your team leader while she is charging will boost your charge rate.

While you are capturing, you may be interrupted by the other team. Attack a sexing opponent to interrupt them. When a point is captured, the enemy girl disappears and reappears back at her base. After three points are captured, the map ends and the game begins again from scratch. As a Male, while one of your teammates is capturing a point, press Charge while close to the action to go into Capture Mode, which will boost the capture rate.

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